Club Rules & Info

Use of the Clubhouse

Members are asked to look after the Club and Clubhouse by tidying up after use, stacking the dishwasher, checking the restrooms are clean and making sure all windows, doors and gates are shut and locked when leaving.


Please close the gates behind you when you enter the grounds.  People who are entitled to use the courts will have a key and can let themselves in.


  • Visitors accompanied by a full club member are welcome for up to 3 visits. Members guests must sign in and pay the visitor’s fee of $10 per adult and $5 per child. This fee must be paid into the honesty box slot on the side of the clubhouse before play.
  • Visitors may only play while a member is present.
  • Once a visitor has played 3 times at the Club, they will be asked to join the Club and pay the membership fee for the remainder of the club season.


Any member found lending their key to any other person will forfeit all membership rights. Locks are changed at the end of each season and a new key may be purchased if required +$20

Membership Fees

See details of all membership fees here. Only full members can play interclub.

Casual tennis versus Club sessions

Full members can enjoy casual use of the tennis courts any time the courts are free (7am – 10pm). To check if a court is available and to secure a court, please use the online court booking form.

Please note: Club sessions always have priority. If you turn up to play casual tennis you can only use a court if it is not being used by the Club session, Coaching with the Club Coach or an existing online booking. If more members turn up to play Club session tennis you will have to give up your court for the Club session. You may then choose to join the session. Coaching and online court bookings also take priority over casual use of the courts.

Court Lighting

Court lighting is available. Lights must be turned off by 10pm – no ifs, no buts! If you do not know how to use the lights, ask another club member to show you. It is important that the lights are not turned off and on in quick succession. Once the lights are turned off they cannot be turned on again for 30 mins, otherwise a bulb may blow. If the lights go off unexpectedly, there will likely be a fault that needs repairing. Do not turn the lights back on as this is likely to do more damage which will be expensive to repair. Each bulb costs $500.00. Please contact a committee member in this case.

Report all breakages or malfunctions immediately.

Please help to keep your Club tidy!