Sponsorship wanted and help to repair pole fencing

Events over recent months have put some pressure on club finances.  Replacement of the three damaged court surfaces will cost over $80,000, and although our insurers have covered most of the cost of replacing the damaged light pole we will incur costs of around $8,000 to replace a second pole that is showing signs of wear and tear.  Auckland Council have kindly donated $30,000 and although we are hoping to get some additional funding nothing is certain in these uncertain times. Fortunately we have a reasonable balance in the bank so we will be able to complete the work.

There are always opportunities for sponsorship, and we are keen to talk to local business owners/people who might be interested in supporting the club financially. We can offer club signage around the courts and other publicity within our club.  If you know of anyone who may be interested in sponsoring the club please contact Don Blayney donzkiwi@gmail.com for follow up.

We also need to repair a few of the poles that support the boundary fence and while this is not a major issue we’d like to hear from anyone who has a contact in that line of work, or who has the skills to help.

If you can help please contact the club president, Christian Nicolson.

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